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90% of my jokes are directly quoted and stolen from my friend Jo thats why I appear so funny 😔

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*finds peace and happiness in the small things* okay gamers this is epic

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💛​ intro 💛​ 

I think Mastodon needs a well-meaning old guy who comments like

"good one, this made me laugh.



on posts that he likes

@ US Switch friends: Downwell (one of my favorite games ever) is only $1.50 on the US eshop

cis nonsense 


i seem to be obsessed w mobile/mobile games , fock

unfortunetly, i got so bored i waddled back to tumblr

Being more forgiving to cishet men than toward other lgbt people always irkd me . Just because they "don't know" doesn't mean others don't sometimes have to unlearn homo/transphobia in themselves too ? Fucken hell

Cis people who pretend they don’t know grammar when you call them out for going 3 extra fucking miles to say “she/him” and shit instead of just saying them for Christ’s sake make me want to swallow a rock

#SoftiesComic episode 9 is HERE! This episode represents a sort of "season finale"that will cap off the first book, so I'm really excited for it to be out there!! 👽

Read the first two pages at

Read new pages early at

via @typhlosion: for #tinnitus sufferers, try placing your palms on your ears with your fingers toward the back of your head (like you're taking off a helmet) and drum on the hollow spot at the back of your head (where your spine enters your skull) with your fingers for 15-30 seconds.

I tried this about five minutes ago and my tinnitus still hasn't come back. :o

which one of you losers voted mountians. turn on locations i just want to talk.

meet me at tinder in 30 mins if you want some ass kickin

black mirror: WHAT IF technology multiplied the effects of existing toxic dynamics?

developers: sorry i couldn't hear you over the sound of that literally happening for our entire lives

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