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90% of my jokes are directly quoted and stolen from my friend Jo thats why I appear so funny 😔

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*finds peace and happiness in the small things* okay gamers this is epic

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💛​ intro 💛​ 

my personality test / icon creator is done !!! find out what you look like

(RTs appreciated!)

Sexualizing people without their consent is a major issue on here—it's led people to stop posting pictures, to lock their accounts, and done serious emotional damage to my friends. Overfamiliarity with parasocial relationships is some twitter shit we don't need, and it hurts people. It's sexual harassment and it shouldn't be swept under the rug. We shouldn't pretend that other humans on the internet are characters or "personalities."


#/carebearsonas trended even tho ur not commiekin wyd

different flavors of mayo but they are making one hellava point about social constructs / re: race 

i've had some time to get distance and breath away from the whole witches thing and at the end of the day what i'm always going to remember is that more people apologized to me, more people paid attention, more people generally believed me without too much pushback than they ever did Ro, Deni, Marcia, or Mo.

people have been talking about it since friday. i think before i knew them, i'd only heard about their incidents sporadically for 8 hours, then nothing.

that's not okay. we need to listen

its funny how i still see people born in 2000 as young, even though theres just a year between us

life hack 

i saw the computer guys at the school just dual screening discord and games, and then i realized why discord and minecraft is allowed on the school network

logs into midnight on my school pc
yeag i hack

People being shitty about men as a group even tho trans men exist 

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