data availability does not mean consent is granted to third parties to process the published data in any way they wish.

this especially includes longterm archival of people's personal lives.

if archive team archived the entirety of google plus, it would be a scandal.

@kaniini hey, i'm one of the former admins of berries (and the one who handled all the financials/still owns the domain). this is absolutely not acceptable and the former admin team will be taking action as soon as we figure out the proper channels.

mastodon HAS an archive function and we made it very clear to users how to use it in the days before the site went down. anyone who wanted an archive of their posts would have downloaded them already. berries had A LOT of minors who didn't give any kind of consent to have their posts archived. berries also had a lot of artists and content creators and their work is now also archived without their consent.

@kaniini our github fork still exists: why didn't you open an issue there to request that the instance be archived? or find one of the former admins on an alt to contact us directly?

this is a decision that directly impacts the 2000 former users, but also anyone whose posts were federated to berries. of those users, hundreds were LGBT minors, many of whom lived in situations where it was unsafe for them to be out. almost everyone on the instance was marginalized in some way or another and spoke about their experiences with marginalization. the majority of us were also mentally ill and this is going to cause paranoia and anxiety among, again, LGBT children, many of whom are people of color, because this was, again, done in secret and without consent.

please give me the correct contact info to request an immediate takedown of the archive.

@tutu yeah, i figured you all didn't consent to having Archive Team archive your instance. if you place a robots.txt blocking ia_archiver user agent, should delete all the data Archive Team uploaded to their service.

@kaniini ty, we're going to be emailing them tomorrow but i'll do this too. the server is shut down and all i have still is the domain until it expires--is there a way to set up a robots.txt just through the domain service or will i have to set up new hosting for it to get that to work?

@tutu if you'd like, i can set up a blackhole server that anyone can point their domain to that has the appropriate 410 Gone messages and robots.txt content

@kaniini that'd be super helpful! i tried pointing berries to a free barebones ucraft site with a "this is gone" message but it really did not like something with the SSL cert and i couldn't figure out what

Also providing an example config for this would be most helpful I think.

@kaiyou @tutu

in nginx it’s simple

http {
    server {
        location / { return 410; };

Thanks :) the most tricky part being the indexation policy if IA stopped accepting robots.txt. I'll dig into it this week.

@kaniini @loke according to this guy yeah they don't follow it but you can use that fact as ammunition for a takedown notice? not sure how much weight it holds compared to the full DMCA notice though

@kaniini @loke found this on their blog which is more recent, implying it does still work if you set it up to specifically exclude them

@tutu by the way thank you for sticking with it and running berries for as long as you did. I think you all did a good service by introducing a lot of people to the fediverse while also keeping things relatively chill! it definitely was one of the chiller Mastodon communities.

@kaniini thank you, i really appreciate it! the decision to shut it down was a difficult one but it's been pretty cool seeing people spread out across the fediverse and find new spaces for themselves. we didn't expect it to blow up as fast as it did (early days it reached A LOT of random groups of tumblr, twitter and instagram users, most of whom didn't understand federation) so we were kinda constantly scrambling but i think we managed to build a good community out of that regardless

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